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Public Gatherings & Meetings

Public Gatherings & Meetings

Public Gatherings & Meetings

COVID-19 update 2 years ago

No more than 100 people may gather in public indoors, and no more than 250 outdoors for a public meeting.

If people are gathering for the same activity in an indoors and outdoors setting, no more than 250 people can gather overall and at no more than 100 people can be in the indoor area of that public place.

Public meeting limits do not include:

  • people employed to be involved in the activity
  • the bride, bridegroom, official witnesses and the marriage officer at weddings
  • the parties to the intended civil partnership, official witnesses and the civil partnership officer at a civil partnership
  • up to six pallbearers, an officiant and essential mortuary staff at a funeral

These public gathering restrictions apply where people are meeting to engage in the same activity, not to customers of businesses or people attending their workplace. Churches that can hold more than 100 people are also exempt from the gathering restrictions, though the number of congregants must be restricted to allow for social distancing.

Restaurants and bars may offer indoor and outdoor services, provided that each table shall be at least six feet apart and servers and front of house staff shall wear masks or cloth face coverings while serving customer.